Relationship Therapy

Problem solving, communication skills, compromise, taking responsibility…
You may use all of these skills in the workplace.
But what about in your relationship with your partner?

Add forgiveness and the ability to change behaviour, and these really are what is necessary to have a sustainable relationship.

Psychotherapy can help you to see how you might actually be self-sabotaging your relationships.

You may be in a relationship where you are; arguing a lotperhaps you’re not talking at allyou may be deciding whether to end your relationship or coming to terms with the fact that your relationship is already over.

Recognising that you are having problems with your relationship, and by making the decision to consider Couples Counselling, shows you are making an investment in your relationship. 

A loving relationship is hard earned, it takes a lot of time and work; learning to love both yourself and your partner, listening to each other, paying attention to each other – all may sound simple and straightforward, but they can actually be the first casualties when you start to experience difficulty. Problems can creep in you haven’t really noticed, until the arguments start.

Couples Counselling

I will create a ‘neutral space’ where you both feel comfortable. In this space, with my help, you can then both begin to work through your issues together.

The sessions will give you:

  • Support to recognise the problems.
  • An opportunity to be heard without shouting, sulking, or even walking out.
  • Guidance on how to talk to each other so that you work through your problems together
  • Help to find better ways in which to manage conflict.
  • The tools to help you to face difficult times together in the future

Please note: The number of sessions required can vary depending on your willingness and desire to bring about change.

The quieter you become the more you are able to hear Re establish peace calm and the willingness to listen”

– Rumi