Whether you anticipate your baby’s birth with excitement and anticipation or with fear and dread.

Whether you anticipate your baby’s birth with excitement and anticipation or with fear and dread.

Every woman and every birth is different.
I am here to help you and, if you have a birth partner, both of you to have a wonderful birth experience.
I will teach you hypnobirthing.

You will learn:

  • Different visualisation and relaxation techniques to enable you to have a more confident birth.
  • Self-hypnosis techniques to help reduce anxiety around the birth.
  • The confidence to be able to trust that your body knows what to do.
  • To help your birthing muscles to be free of tension so they can function as nature intended.

What you have naturally

Your own natural birth hormones are also used to help you feel in control, contributing to having as pain free birth as possible.

Clinical research has shown that confident, relaxed and positive mothers have better birth outcomes.

The Hypnobirthing Programme

The hypnobirthing course I offer consists of 5 x 50 minute Sessions complete with 9 Hypnobirthing downloads and a Hypnobirthing Course Handbook.

The handbook contains 68 pages of information covering a broad range of topics; from looking at the right tools, techniques and environment for birth to the practical things you’ll need to consider on your birthing day and includes Juice and Smoothie recipes created by Jason Vale .

The benefits of the Hypnobirthing Programme

  • Easy, effective techniques to manage discomfort
  • Calming and relaxation techniques
  • More confidence in your ability to achieve the birth you want
  • Shorter labour times
  • Reduce the need for chemical pain relief
  • Reduce need for intervention

About the Hypnobirthing Programme

My training and qualification was with Jenny Mullan at the Hypnobirthing Academy in Knightsbridge.

Jenny originally worked alongside Marie Mongan who was the founder of the Hypnobirthing Programme in 1989, she is one of the longest standing practitioners in the UK,  regularly lectured at the Royal College of Midwives and has contributed to their in-house journal. It was a real privilege to have trained with her.

The intention of this Programme  is for you to experience a calm and relaxed birthing of your baby, free of the fear that prevents the muscles from functioning as nature intended.

In this calm state you will be able to access your bodies natural hormones that will flood your body and help to replace those stress hormones.

When is the best time to start hypnobirthing?

I would advise that you  begin your classes when you are between 24 to 30 weeks.

The sessions are meant to be taken weekly. By starting within this time window you will have time to become confident away from the sessions, practising your new skills and techniques as you learn them.

What if I am only a few weeks away from giving birth?

I am happy to tailor the programme to your needs, whatever stage of the pregnancy you are at.

There are many benefits to be had even if you only manage to take a couple of classes.

You will still have access to downloads and the companion book to help you.

Trust your body it knows what to do

Although a perfect birth cannot be guaranteed, I do know that with the completion of this course you will feel a great benefit from all of the new skills you have acquired.

A better understanding of your mind and body will empower you to trust yourself, and give you the confidence to let your body to do what it is designed to do.

In this calm state your body’s natural relaxant, endorphins, replace the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain and create a unique experience for you.

So just open your heart and mind to the possibility that you are perfectly designed for birth