Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress are closely linked

To understand anxiety we need to understand stress.

Anxiety occurs as a result of high levels of stress.

What is Stress?

Feeling excited about a new challenge can allow us to expand out of our comfort zone. Feeling confident to meet this challenge can be described as a positive stressful experience.

However when we feel that what is being asked of us is too great a challenge we can experience negative stress. Feeling overwhelmed, under too much pressure and questioning our ability to succeed can lead to chronic levels of stress.

Many anxiety issues occur as a result of chronic levels of stress.

What is anxiety and why do we need it?

Anxiety can never be eradicated from our lives why would we want it to be?

How else could we survive if we didn’t have the ability to rapidly respond in critical situations?

So how does anxiety show itself?

Sometimes this survival instinct means we perceive a situation to be threatening  even though no actual real threat exists.

Although rationally we know this to be true, it’s not our rational brain we are engaging with, it’s our emotional brain.

Anxiety takes over.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

  • Constant worrying and feeling nervous
  • Being overwhelmed
  • Panic
  • Fear
  • Hypervigilance
  • Difficulty remembering things
  • Overthinking/analysing
  • Constantly in the future “what if…?”

We can experience anxiety through many vehicles; our health, our financial worries, social situations and generally having a feeling of anxiety which just cannot be placed but is alongside us often.

So how can hypnotherapy combined with Psychotherapy help?

Using a combination of therapies, including hypnotherapy, I can help to remove the patterns that have formed:

  • By helping you understand your ‘triggers’ i.e. what creates those feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • By teaching you how to think about things differently
  • By learning how to avoid those negative patterns from ambushing your positive thoughts.